The Gay Mafia behind the Sex Abuse Crisis in Roman Catholicsm

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The sex scandals tolerated and covered up for so many years within Roman Catholic institutions are indeed terrible scandals. However, there is an even bigger scandal behind it.

Gay Mafia Reign of Terror
Father Edwin Palka, a Roman Catholic parish priest in Tampa, Florida, writes that there is a gay mafia at work within Roman Catholicism to “punish, humiliate and blackmail decent, God-fearing priests”, if they threaten to blow the whistle on the endemic cycle of abuse within the Roman Catholic system. “Many people still do not understand just how evil the activist homosexual priests and bishops are… they cannot possibly grasp the hellish depths to which these clergy will go to persecute, lambaste, punish, humiliate and blackmail anyone who stands in their way, or threatens their way of life.” Father Edwin Palka writes that the gay mafia is carrying out a reign of terror on “good priests who teach the truth about homosexuality.”

Disproportionate Dominance
An associate professor of Religious Studies at John Carroll University warned that, in the United States’ Catholic churches, the percentage of priests who are homosexual could be as high as 50%. That would be roughly sixteen times more than the percentage of gay men in the general population.

Homoheresy Promotes and Protects Predators
Father Dariusz Oko, in his 2013 essay on Clerical Homosexuality: “With the Pope Against Homoheresy” reported that homosexual priests and bishops have abused seminarians, teenagers and children and that there was a gay mafia at work within Catholicism protecting these predators. In an interview with Life Site News, he reported: “About 30 to 40% of priests and 40 to 50% of bishops in the USA have homosexual inclinations.”

GayGB Secret Files Abused by Pink Inquisition
Palka reports that the gay mafia’s power over future priests begins in seminary. Students who enrol with the intention of being trained to be priests, are required to provide a great deal of personal details, including their history with chastity, sexual activity, criminal activities and their fears, dreams, hopes and concerns. The longer a student stays in seminary, the thicker his file grows. It continues to grow after his ordination, as the highly centralised Catholic hierarchy maintains files on each of their priests and members that could only be rivalled by the KGB of the Soviet Union. Much of this information is in the hands of the GayGB and Pink Inquisition, which often abuses this confidential information for nefarious purposes.

Entrapment and Blackmail
Palka lays out various real life scenarios, such as: A priest who struggles with his own homosexual urges, wanting to remain chaste and live out his vows of chastity, can be manipulated by homosexual bishops and set up to fail. “Suppose a priest’s file reveals that as a teen he was sexually abused by an adult male. As a result of this formative abuse, he struggled with homosexual desires as an adolescent and into his early adulthood, but always remained chaste. Once ordained as a priest, he spoke out fervently against the acceptance, promotion and legalisation of homosexual activity and other sins. His homosexual activist bishop, knowing his past, makes him a Boy Scout Chaplain, where he will be working closely with the bishop’s handpicked and openly active homosexual lay diocesan Scout leaders, hoping and even encouraging him to finally fail and fall to his boyhood abuse giving in to his homosexual desires to sexually abuse one, or more, of the scouts.”

Set up to Fail in Honey Traps
“It is not just homosexual priests who can be manipulated in this way. A heterosexual priest who has been sexually active before being ordained and who dares to speak out against homosexuality, could similarly be assigned to be the chaplain of a girls high school, in a hope that he would succumb to temptation.” Palka writes that the Gay mafia are not at all above exploiting the seal of the confessional to threaten and manipulate decent priests into silence and even to pick up other priests to commit homosexual acts with them. “These men know the way the church works and they use that knowledge for their own evil ends… they have embraced evil. There is a huge difference between a weak man striving for holiness and a man who has sold his soul to the devil.”

The Growing Scandal
There were some accusations of molestation by Catholic priests, dated back to the 1950s. Significant media attention began to pick up these scandals in the 1980s, particularly in the United States and Canada. In 1995 when the Archbishop of Vienna stepped down amidst sexual abuse allegations, the issue began to grow with stories emerging in Argentina, Australia and elsewhere. By the late 1990s, revelations began of widespread historic abuse in Ireland. A church commission report, in 2004, revealed that more than 4,000 Roman Catholic priests in America had faced sexual abuse allegations in the previous 50 years. These cases involved more than 10,000 boys. A 2009 Report in Ireland found “sexual and psychological abuse” endemic in Catholic-run schools and orphanages. In June 2018, a former Vatican diplomat was sentenced to 5 years in prison for possessing child pornography.

Grand Jury Investigation in Pennsylvania
An American Grand Jury Report noted a pattern of homosexual predation in the US Catholic church, beginning in seminaries and culminating in the College of Cardinals. The Grand Jury’s opening statement: “There have been other reports about child sex abuse within the Catholic church. But never on this scale. For many of us, those earlier stories happened someplace else, someplace away. Now we know the truth: it happened everywhere.” At least 300 predator priests are named in the Grand Jury Report, accused of committing horrific sexual abuse over seven decades. The number of their victims is estimated at least 1,000. The harrowing 887 page document is a result of a two year Grand Jury Investigation into widespread sexual abuse of children within six dioceses of the Catholic church in Pennsylvania.

Pornography and Paedophilia
In the overwhelming majority of cases, the delinquent clergy, were homosexual predators preying on adolescent, or young adult, males. The victims were frequently older boys, or seminarians. For example, Father Mauro Cautela purchased homosexual pornography on church computers. Cautela’s rectory computer was overflowing with homosexual pornography, which was used to groom young boys and prepare them for abuse. Most of the priests investigated targeted post-pubescent teenage boys, normally between 15 and 17 years old. Father Paul Spisac possessed homosexual and sadomasochistic pornography, including images of him and two 15 year old boys.

Homosexual Epidemic in Honduras
In Honduras, 48 seminarians wrote to the bishops in July, protesting a “homosexual epidemic” in the seminary. This followed months of allegations involving homosexual abuse of seminarians by the auxiliary bishop, Juan Jose Pineda.

Chile Crime
In Chile, all 34 bishops were summoned to Rome after revelations of a gay priest sex-ring, involving bishops and superiors. All 34 Roman Catholic bishops in Chile offered to resign in the wake of the child sex scandal and cover-up.

Cardinal Abuse
Theodore McCarrick, retired Cardinal Archbishop of Washington DC, was forced to step down after seminarians and priests accused him of decades of homosexual predation. McCarrick called those under his charge: “nephews” and asked them to call him “Uncle Ted.”

Homosexual Predators Deny the Sinfulness of their Actions
In 2002, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice studied the crisis of priestly sex abuse in the US and produced its report in 2004: “80% of the abuse at issue was of a homosexual nature.” Imminent Catholic author, Father Dwight Longnecker, noted that the social and sexual problems have theological roots. “In treating priests who have engaged in paedophilia and ephebophilia, we have observed that these men, almost without exception, suffered from a denial of sin in their lives.”

Utilitarian Ethics Justify Hedonistic Abuse
These abusive priests rejected the church’s teachings on sexual immorality and adopted a “utilitarian sexual ethic.” Above all, the predator priests had “come to see their own pleasure as the highest end and use others – including adolescents and children – as sexual objects. They consistently refuse to examine their consciences, to accept the church’s teachings on moral issues as a guide for their personal actions, or regularly avail themselves of the sacrament of penance. These priests either refuse to seek spiritual direction, or choose a spiritual director, or confessor, who openly rebelled against church teachings on sexuality.”

Wide Gates to Hell
The sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic hierarchy is a criminal scandal, but it also has Theological roots. Almost 500 years ago the great German Reformer, Professor Martin Luther, warned: “I am much afraid that schools will prove to be wide gates to hell, unless they diligently labour in explaining the Holy Scriptures, engraving them in the hearts of youth. I advise no one to place his child where the Scriptures do not reign paramount. Every institution in which men are not constantly occupied with the Word of God must become corrupt.”

The Rot Begins in the Seminaries
It is clear that not only does the Roman Catholic church welcome unregenerate students into their seminaries, but teaching the Scriptures and proclaiming the Gospel is hardly any kind of priority for them. Hence, by failing to engrave the Scriptures in the hearts of their students, they become corrupt.

Catholic Civil War
This is also symptomatic of a civil war waging in the Catholic church. On one side are the traditionalists who insist that abuse can be prevented by tighter adherence to church doctrine and on the other side are the liberals demanding that the church cease condemning sexual acts and allow gay priests to step out of the closet.

Does Celibacy Aggravate the Crisis?
Those who believe that the Roman Catholic requirement to have celibate priests is what encourages this abuse need to note that the most sexually permissive environment on earth, Hollywood, is awash in even more horrific scandals. It is not just Harvey Weinstein, there is an entire sub-culture of paedophilia, rape and abuse throughout Hollywood.

Hijacked by Homosexuals
The Roman Catholic church has been hijacked by homosexuals. The situation is similar to the anti-Christian Inquisition of the Middle Ages. Contrary to popular perceptions, the Inquisition was not a group of Christians mercilessly persecuting unbelievers. The Inquisition was the exact opposite. Reading the Court records of the Inquisitors, such as in Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, it becomes clear that the inquisitors were by no means Christians at all. They would vindictively condemn to death Christians who believed in, translated, or taught, the Holy Scriptures. Often the inquisitors contemptuously tossed the victim’s Bible into the fire to be burned with the martyr.

Anti-Christian Inquisition
Anyone who has read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, or similar historical records of the cruel persecutions endured by the Waldensians, the Huguenots and other Protestant reformers, will know that the Inquisition was anti-Christian. The Inquisition occurred at a time of blatant corruption, when priesthoods, bishoprics and even papal seats were bought and sold. There were many ungodly men dominating all levels of leadership in the medieval Roman church. Far from the Inquisition being Christians persecuting non-Christians, the reality is that it was the very opposite. The Inquisition was an anti-Christian persecution of Protestant believers.

A Problem of Criminality
We know from the John Jay Report, 81% of the victims were males, mostly teens. We know that the subclass of predators are almost all male. This is predominantly male on male crime and primarily with teens between the ages of 14 to 17 years old. Those are the victims. Brad Miner, Senior Editor for The Catholic Thing, pointed out that “while many cardinals of the Catholic church are treating the crisis as a public relations problem, it is a problem with criminality.”

The Homosexual Connection
Miner pointed out the homosexual element of the abuse scandal by pointing out that pro-LGBT Jesuit priest and Vatican advisor, Father James Martin, downplayed the problem of abuse in seminaries. “James Martin doesn’t want to hear it, but it is a homosexual problem!” Miner pointed out that the 2005 Vatican document issued under pope Benedict XVI, prohibited declared homosexual men to be admitted to the seminary. Plainly pope Benedict saw that it was a homosexual problem.

Infiltration and Subversion for Social Engineering
However, the same people who continue to put increasing pressure on churches to accept homosexuals for ordination and legalise homosexual “marriages”, are the same people who scream “Abuse!” when many of the very people they have been campaigning for, turn out to abuse the young boys entrusted to their care! “Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonour their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie…” Romans 1:24-25

GayGB Mafia Protects Predator Priests
Miner cites Sociologist and clergy abuse expert Richard Sipe who estimated that at least 30% of Catholic priests in America have homosexual orientations and amongst bishops, it could be as high as 50 to 60%. “We have to focus on what is the cause of these children, young children, seminarians, continually being abused by predatory priests – and that is what we have to stop. One of the ways of doing this is the disciplining, the firing, of bishops who have been protecting them for decades. This homosexual network that protects and promotes its own is what is causing this continual cycle of abuse in the seminaries, in the rectories, in the sacristies and in the schools. People are justifiably terribly angry that people sat on this information, that no action was taken, that priests were put back into circulation. It is a day of reckoning for the Catholic church.”

A Clear and Present Danger
Liz Yore noted the inappropriateness of the Vatican hosting hundreds of children and young people in Rome this fall, to discuss youth, faith and vocation with the bishops. Considering what has recently come to light in the church abuse scandal, “We have not even resolved this problem and we are going to be exploiting children at the synod on youth, all to expand the teaching of the church with respect to homosexuality! That is what’s up! It has got to be stopped! It is a danger to the children! It is a danger to the church! It is also a danger to the faith!”

The Word of God
“Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonour their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen. For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful; who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.” Romans 1:24-32

Peter Hammond


How Do You Interpret Scripture?
Thursday (23/08/2018), I had the opportunity to be part of a panel discussion on the Eusebius McKaiser show on Cape Talk, Radio 702. The title of the show was: Is the Bible an Ally of Gay People? The discussion began with host Eusebius asking me how I deal with passages of Scripture when there are differences of opinion on interpretation. My reply was that Scripture interprets Scripture. The clearer passages of Scripture are used to interpret the less clear. The whole of Scripture must be used to interpret any portion of Scripture. If any interpretation of Scripture is inconsistent with the whole Bible, then it must be rejected. In addition, we can receive conformation from Church Councils, Creeds and Confessions. The point is that objective truth must be our foundation, not subjective opinion. If I am hiking in the mountains and find a cairn (a pile of rocks with a sign) which disagrees with my perception of where I am, it is my perception that is wrong. The objective rock solid marker is objective reality. So is Scripture. The Bible is the Word of God, inspired, infallible and inerrant.

“You Have to Be Gay to Know God”
Host, Eusebius McKaiser introduced Siya Khumalo, the author of “You Have to be Gay to Know God” with much warmth and enthusiasm, highly recommending his book as a must have, must read book. Eusebius describes it as: “one of the best books that has been written in South Africa in recent years!” Eusebius then added that he did not know what gender God was.

“No One is Obligated to be Celibate”
Rev. Owen Franklin, who identified himself as “gay” and “sexually attracted to men”, as he described it, was then brought into the discussion He then claimed that while some may feel called to be celibate, he did not believe that God obligated anyone to be celibate, but calls us to “loving relationships.”

“The Most Pro-Homosexual Passage in the Bible”
Rev Michael Oliphant, who was described as a minister of the Church of the Province of South Africa, when asked for some Scriptural support for his position, said: “I am not used to quoting Scripture ad nauseam.” But then he offered John 3:16 as the most “pro-homosexual passage in the Bible”. Which he then quoted as: “God so loved the world – not the world except for gay people…” Eusebius then responded that “It could be argued that God loves Oscar Pistorius, but that would not necessarily mean that He approves of murder.” John 3:16 was very broad, could Rev. Oliphant not give some more explicitly pro-homosexual passage from the Bible? To this Rev. Oliphant responded that he disagreed that it was broad and claimed that as “God is love”, we need to “accept and embrace.”

“Not Different!”
When a caller stated that it was a physiological fact that people are created male and female and men and women are different biologically, the interviewer rejected his assertion and stated that the claim that there are biological and physiological differences between men and woman is “blatantly false!”

War Against the Bible
Siya Khumalo stated that “God has not been wasting his time” over these issues and “we should not romanticize the Bible,” “We have progressed,” “The Bible does not speak to our context,” “We should not cherry pick verses,” “We have moved on from the Bible times,” “The Bible is obsolete,” “The Law failed,” “We should not be self-righteous and self-justifying.” He found it “bizarre” that Genesis 19 could be used as condemnation of homosexuality, dealing as it did with the attempt to “homosexualise angels who were there to investigate the situation.” He claimed that this has absolutely no relevance to our time. Several of the panel participants declared “our modern context is utterly different” from the Bible times. It was claimed that the attempted imposing of homosexuality on the angels in Sodom was the issue, not homosexuality itself. Rev. Oliphant of the CPSA claimed: “We put this to bed a long time ago.”

“For Us the Bible is Not Authoritative”
One woman who phoned in stated that “the Bible is a wisdom book, much like the Quran”. One of the panel participants claimed that: “We never claimed the Bible as the infallible Word of God. The Bible for me is a precious document, but not a legal document. It was not inspired by God exclusively. We can find some comfort and inspiration from it in times of darkness, but it is not authoritative.”

“Christ Died for Opposing the Status Quo!”
It was claimed that “Christ was crucified for opposing the status quo” and those who oppose homosexuality are “only interested in the status quo.” It was then claimed that the best religious ally for the homosexual agenda is in “liberation theology.” The Bible speaks of “the outcasts” being accepted back in and our primary concern should be to make the homosexual “outcasts” welcome in the church. Siya Khumalo said the very definition of Christianity is “loving people more than the status quo.”

“The Church Must Move On to Gender Equality”
It was then mentioned that, as in the case of slavery and women’s rights, the church needs to recognize that we have “moved on” and should therefore recognize that gays must be given equal rights in the church, including homosexual “marriage” and “gender equality”.

Only Biblical Evangelical Christianity Brought Freedom to Slaves and Respect for Women
When after about 30 minutes, I was next able to participate in the discussion, I had to point out that every religion and culture practiced slavery. It is an historic fact that only Bible-believing, Evangelical Christianity brought an end to slavery and the slave trade. Only Christianity brought real freedom and liberation for women. Respect and protection for women did not grow out of, for example, the Burka in Islam, but from the Bible and the teachings of Christ. Everything good in society has its roots in the Bible and in the teachings and example of Christ. All of the problems we are facing throughout the world are a result of ignoring, or violating, the Laws of God and the teachings of Christ in the Bible.

The Pink Inquisition’s Hostility to the Bible
The panel and host tried to depict Evangelical Christians who hold to marriage, being only between a man and a woman, as “unloving,” “judgmental”, “harsh,” “self-righteous,” “homophobic bigots.” Several of the panel participants made comments such as: “Little in the Bible helps me,” “The Bible doesn’t speak to our context” and “Our modern context is utterly different from the Bible times.” Eusebius made a comment: “If gay people are sinners…” and asked: “Why should we give a damn what the Bible says anyhow?” At one point he asked one of the participants “Why don’t you just accept the God Delusion and go to the other side?” Siya Khumalo mentioned some of his inspirations being SACP (South African Communist Party) leaders Ronnie Kasrils and Joe Slovo and Bishop Desmond Tutu. Because the church has “influence”, he believed it was important to stay in the church. Siya Khumalo said that he saw God as love and therefore he supported activities that promote “who I am.” Eusebius commented that Siya would make “a good son-in-law!”

The Bible is the Greatest Book Ever Written
Well, no one who is reading the Bible on a daily basis could actually say that. It is just extraordinary to see how up-to-date and relevant the Bible is when exposing the depravity of human nature and providing real, workable, incisive solutions to all areas of life.

Idolatry is the Most Condemned Sin in the Bible
When I finally had an opportunity to make a comment again, I pointed out that the issue is primarily about religious freedom. The most condemned sin in the Bible is actually idolatry. If we make an idol of anything, whether it be adultery, fornication, or perversion, the sin of idolatry is so serious that it is given as the primary reason for God abandoning His people in Israel to the Assyrian Exile and Judea to the Babylonian Exile, even with the destruction of the Temple. That is how seriously God takes idolatry. If we raise our own personal opinions above that of God’s Word, that is idolatry.

Religious Freedom is at Stake
There is a religious freedom issue at stake here. The real “outcasts” these days seem to be those who want to hold to a traditional view of marriage and who hold to inerrancy of Scripture. Many Bible-believing Christians are being bullied, intimidated, harassed, sued and prosecuted by an increasingly intolerant Gay GB and Pink Inquisition. Homosexual activists are acting like a modern Inquisition bullying, harassing and suing those who disagree with them - for “Thought Crimes!” Eusebius said at this “we wish we had such power!”

What About Slavery and Women’s Rights?
Eusebius then asked, what I thought of slavery? To which I could reply that Christians have historically been in the very forefront of opposing and outlawing slavery, setting the captives free. When he asked where I stood on women’s rights, I pointed out that Christianity has been at the very forefront of elevating women to greater dignity, respect and protection. Every evil in the world is a result of neglecting, ignoring, or violating the Laws of God and the teachings of Christ in the Bible. The greatest freedoms, prosperity and productivity has come from obeying the Word of God and following the teachings of Christ in all areas of life.

Hope and Freedom
Eusebius challenged me to “square the circle” and reconcile the “inconsistency” of my beliefs that if I am willing to “depart from the Bible” and accept “progressive views” on issues like slavery and women’s rights, why can I not do so when it comes to “gender equality”? In response I had to say: “No I am not departing from a literal belief in an inerrant Bible. The Bible is the very Charter of Liberty. Paul’s Epistle to Philemon charged Philemon not to accept Onesimus back as a slave, but as a brother beloved”. Jesus taught us to love our neighbour, to do unto others as we want to be done unto. Jesus said that He had come to set the captives free. Jesus offers hope for adulterers, fornicators, homosexuals and other sinners. He can free us from our darkness, fears, depravity, sins, habits and addictions. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free! In the Bible we see the love of God, who loves us enough not to leave us in our chains and oppression, but to set us free.

The Bible is the Essential Foundation for Justice and Liberty
I expressed my surprise that there were “ministers of the Gospel” on the panel who were belittling the Bible, downgrading the Bible, making such comments as: “I am not used to quoting Scripture ad nauseam” and then not even able to quote John 3:16 properly! Making comments that the Bible is “obsolete” and that there is “little in the Bible that helps me.” The Bible is the greatest Book ever written. It is a foundation of freedom. The foundation of civilization itself. When nations have taken the Bible seriously, there has been greater freedom, justice and liberty for all.

Love in Action
Eusebius then interrupted to ask “If you believe that God is love, then what is loving about excluding and forbidding me to have a loving consensual homosexual relationship with another man?” I answered, “What is loving about trying to prosecute Christians for holding traditional views about marriage? What is loving about taking churches to court and trying to sue them and bully them into accepting the homosexual agenda of re-defining marriage?” Hatred for the Bible and for traditional Christian views of marriage is hardly loving. To attempt to force Christians to go against their conscience is not loving.

Marriage is a God-Ordained Institution
In the Bible marriage can only be between a man and a woman. There are prohibitions against marriage between, for example, brothers and sisters, or with under-aged girls. If we are to take away all prohibitions on marriage then even polygamy, paedophilia, or incest could be legalized! There are qualifications for marriage, including age. If we are to take away restrictions in qualifications of marriage, then you could allow, for example, what is tolerated in many Muslim countries, where a man can marry a minor, even as young as 9 years old!

The Biblical Solution
A woman caller then said that there is a solution to homosexuality and it is the same solution as for alcoholics and adulterers, it is to repent. Eusebius responded that if the majority of people in her church were like her, then “count me out!”

Hope for Homosexuals
When I was asked for a concluding statement, whether homosexuals would be welcome in our church Eusebius added that in his opinion, I was “homophobic”, I responded: “No, I am definitely not homophobic. Homophobia would be an irrational fear of and/or hatred of homosexuals. I do not fear anybody and I do not hate anyone. We love homosexuals and want them to come to know full Salvation in and through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The Bible offers a message of hope for all that we can rise above our natural inclinations and be transformed through salvation and discipleship through Christ.”

A Challenge to the Churches
There is no doubt that the debate over homosexuality and gender issues, the attempts to redefine marriage and so much more are issues that cannot be ignored. We need to be informed, interceding and involved in being salt and light in all areas of life. To understand this issue better, obtain The Pink Agenda – Sexual Revolution in South Africa and the Ruin of the Family, which is also available as an E-book.

“Who will rise up for Me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for Me against the workers of iniquity?” Psalm 94:16

Dr Peter Hammond

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