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Dear Friends,

Jesus Christ was the greatest man who ever lived. Everything He touched, He utterly transformed. He touched time, and His birth became the measure of history. Every atheist has to acknowledge Him when dating an event as BC (Before Christ) or AD (Anno Domini – the Year of the Lord). 1) And as Christ “made all things new,” so did His followers. Out of love for Him they established hospitals, universities, and education for all. They furthered science and benevolence and charity. They advanced free enterprise, banished slavery and gained civil liberties. They outlawed licence and perversion, and punished crime swiftly. They civilised primitive cultures and gave them written languages. At Christmas we thank God that He “so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

Christmas under Siege

But Christmas is under threat. In some countries manger scenes and Christmas cards have been all but outlawed. This is part of an ongoing war against God, a continuing “liberation struggle” which aims at destroying Christian civilisation. The media speak of the “festive season” and “happy holidays,” but shy away from “Christmas.” In South Africa, in 2012, attempts were made to remove Good Friday and Christmas from the national calendar – to wipe out public consciousness of Christ’s eternal redemption. But when hearings were held, the Christians objected strongly. Finally, on 10 November 2012, Rev Kenneth Meshoe MP, leader of the African Christian Democratic Party, led a protest and presented a memorandum to Home Affairs Minister Naledi Pandor, saying: “According to Statistics South Africa, Christians make up 79,5% of the country’s population.” Christmas and Good Friday must be public holidays. 2) “There is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.” (1 Timothy 1:15)

While the rest of Africa is turning to Christ at a phenomenal rate, South Africa is doing the opposite. Government, education, business and the media are competing to eliminate God by various means, often with psychological methods and through deceit. False notions are spread to change people’s judgments and actions. According to one propaganda expert, psychological methods “have evolved to a point, thanks to the all pervasive mass media, where we can make you believe, or at least passively accept, whatever we want to.” He adds: “The media is the most efficient weapon of tyranny and oppression ever created. No need to physically control populations anymore when you can do it mentally.”

Even in the Church

We are conditioned to a One World thinking, a socialist worldview which constrains individuality, rewards conformity and determines acceptable behaviour. Jesus, as the commanding sovereign God, is a stumbling block in this scheme. Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud, said: “We are dominatedby a relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.” Thought reform, he said, is most successful when the victim perceives the controller as a trusted and kind friend. 3)

Thought reform, also called re-education, has been applied in South Africa in an effective way. Its foundations were laid by “liberation theologians” who claimed that the old (Biblical) doctrines had caused oppression and must be replaced with new (marxist) doctrines. Instead of love they preached hate. Instead of a new heart they demanded a new government. Today, theological faculties are teaching their wisdom and taking the Church into socialism. Christians are being conditioned to be apathetic and not get involved in the real issues of life. - Where, for instance, was the outcry of Church leaders when, in January 2012, the ANC dedicated South Africa to the dead? Where were their warnings against the blasphemous singer “Lady Gaga” in December? Had it not been for Christians for Truth and Africa Christian Action who evangelised the fans, who would have stood up for Jesus? 4)

The Canadian philosopher John McMurty claims that psychological warfare has affected us all. “It is like a trance,” he writes. “So what can break a trance? The only thing that can break the trance is the light of truth.” - This Truth came down to earth at Christmas. “I am the truth,” says Jesus. (John 14:6) “If you hold to my teaching,“you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31)

Trigger Words

South Africans are manipulated chiefly by two trigger words which induce horror and guilt. These are “racism” and “apartheid.” They are falsely told that it was Christianity that caused racism and apartheid, and therefore all things Christian should be spurned – including Christmas and Good Friday.

In the 1980s, at the height of the “liberation struggle,” an American Christian Professor, Jed Smock, toured South Africa and wrote an article which he distributed at US universities. It was headed “The Shocking Facts.” - “Five hundred thousand Blacks attempt immigration to South Africa annually… WHY??? - South Africa, provides the best economic opportunities for Blacks on the African continent. Wages of Blacks are three to four times higher than those of the rest of Africa. Black SA workers have virtually the same rights as labourers in America. There are more Black women professionals in SA than the entire continent combined. SA trains more Black doctors than any other African country. It is the only nation on the continent to have a large Black middle class. More Blacks own cars in SA than do Whites in the Soviet Union. SA provides free and low cost medical treatment to Blacks. South Africa has 5 Black universities and 28 technical colleges. It has a literacy rate of 80%. The government builds 5000 houses a month and provides housing for 92% of the Black population. Poor Blacks do not pay income tax. Whites are taxed 50% at $30.000 per year to underwrite the billions of dollars in subsidies given to Non-Whites. One million Whites, 200.000 coloureds, and 200.000 Indian taxpayers support eleven million South African Blacks with their taxes…” - In closing, he quotes the then President PW Botha who said: “This government is aware of its responsibility towards God and man. But we in South Africa believe that we must first seek the presence of Christ and many of our problems will vanish.” 5) - Jed Smock’s good report is but one of many, but the media told a different story. - Does not God command us to be thankful? “Praise the LORD, O my soul;” says Psalm 103. “All my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.” (Psalm 103)

Reformation 500

The anti-Christian deceptions of our age almost equal the superstitions of the time of Martin Luther who, on 31 October 1517, nailed 95 theses to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg. He exposed untruth and gave the Bible to every man. “Only Christ,” he said, “only the Scriptures,” “only Grace,” and “only Faith” can lead to eternal salvation. No payments (indulgences), penance and good works can get us into heaven. - In 2017 the 500 th anniversary of this event will be celebrated throughout the world, and to prepare for it, a reformation movement has been launched. On 31.10.2012, Dr Peter Hammond of Africa Christian Action, in conjunction with the Coalition on Revival, USA, introduced a five-year plan to reform our congregations. Under the name FIRE (Fellowship for International Reformation and Evangelism) major international Christian movements will join in a new commitment to Christ and His Word. Dr Hammond writes: “This will work parallel with a seven-year plan to reform our communities, culminating in the 500 th anniversary of Ulrich Zwingli’s launching the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland (1519). Alongside these two movements will be a nine-year plan to reform our nations, culminating in the 500 th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther’s bold stand against the Emperor at Worms, 18 April 1521. ‘My conscience is captive to the Word of God. Here I stand, I can do no other!’”

What if Jesus had never been born?

“Suppose Christ had not come,” someone asked. “Suppose there had been no manger birth, no star in the east, no angel rhapsody, no awe-struck shepherds, no Sermon on the Mount, no Healer of hurts and hearts, no reconciling Cross, no empty tomb, no empowering Spirit, no community of the caring. How can we envisage a world without the four Gospels, the Epistles, the Atonement, the promise and prophecy of a Kingdom-of-God triumph? If Jesus had not come, our thinking about God would have gone along gropingly, forever faltering, forever fractured… For is it not Jesus who invests God with love, the universe with meaning and life with glorious possibilities? If Jesus had not come! What mind can compass the immensity of the gap – history without its fairest Figure, literature without its sublimest passages, music without its richest compositions, philosophy without its most luminous insights, theology without its Christology, servanthood for others without its model and motive, sin without Conqueror, the world without a Redeemer, death without a Destroyer, Heaven without assurance or allure. - Yes, what if Jesus had never been born? It would be a sad sad world.

We wish you a blessed Christmas.

Sincerely D. Scarborough.


  1. The new dating is BCE (before the common era) and CE (common era), but the pivot is still the same, the birth of Christ.
  2. IOLnews, ‘Hands-off Christmas and Good Friday’, 10.11.2012.The Commission for the Protection and Promotion of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities opposes Christian public holidays, claiming that they ‘discriminate’ against other religions.
  3. In 1929 Bernays wrote a book titled “Propaganda,” from which this quote is taken.
  4. Christians for Truth (comprising 100.000 members), in a letter to Church leaders, tried to raise some reaction, but did not succeed. On the night of the concert in Green Point, however, they and Africa Christian Action distributed thousands of tracts to the fans.
  5. Jed Smock, South Africa “The Shocking Facts”, published by Campus Ministry, Lexington, USA.


A Brief History of Calvinistic Afrikanerdom from 1652-1980
Rev Prof Dr Francis Nigel Lee, LL.B, ThD, PhD, STD, DMin, DEd.*

In view of the decades-long defamation of the Christian Afrikaners (which needs to be countered) we excerpt from Dr Lee’s lectures given at the Geneva Divinity School in Texas during 1980.

The Cape becomes British

Holland fell to the French Revolution in 1795; and then again later to Napoleon. In 1806, Holland was so fearful of an expansion of French-Napoleonic influence even as far away as the southern tip of Africa, that she sold the Cape to the British. It has been alleged that the British never paid for it! Be that as it may, the British now arrived in South Africa. They occupied the country, and made many sweeping changes from 1806 through 1820.

They were no longer the godly Calvinists they had been in the seventeenth century, but had now been somewhat liberalised by increasing humanism. They were determined to destroy Afrikaans. They suppressed this language in the schools. They tried to wipe out the Afrikaans past and culture. The British also introduced English Law into the Courts and made English alone the language of the Law Courts. This was highly resented by the Afrikaners who wanted to preserve both their own language as well as their Roman-Dutch system of Law. To crown it all, the British tried to force the Afrikaners to abandon Afrikaans as the language of their Church. They tried to persuade them to become Episcopalians or Anglicans. But they met with a stern and severe Presbyterian resistance!

Realising that Calvinist Presbyterianism was the dominant religion of both Scotland and South Africa, they imported large numbers of English-speaking Presbyterian Ministers from Scotland and imposed them upon the South African pulpits. At first these preached in English, and at one stage, more than half of all the preachers in the South African Reformed pulpits were English-preaching Scots Presbyterians. The rest had been trained in Holland. Yet, from 1860 onward, preachers began to be trained locally at the Stellenbosch Reformed Theological Seminary.

But what the English did not bargain for, and what actually happened, was the opposite of what they had wanted. Instead of the Afrikaans-speaking South Africans in the pew accepting English, the English-speaking Scottish preachers began to learn Afrikaans and to preach the Gospel of Calvinism. So today, if you look at the preachers in the Reformed Churches of South Africa – along with the van der Merwes and the van der Westhuizens you also find the McGregors and the Robertsons and the MacFarlanes and especially the Murrays. Of the many preachers in Reformed pulpits in South Africa today, scores bear the name of Murray. They are direct descendants of Rev Andrew Murray Sr, father of the great Dr Andrew Murray. The elder Murray came from Scotland to South Africa, to settle there and to preach the Gospel. Thus, at this point, we find the absorption of this Scottish element into Afrikanerdom.

The Slaves are set free

But the dissatisfaction continued. The roof finally blew off, when in 1836 - as a result of the work of William Wilberforce in England – slavery was abolished throughout what was then called the British Empire. There was an imperial proclamation requiring slaves to be liberated. Although this proclamation in South Africa made provision for monetary compensation, very few slave-owners received any compensation for the loss of their slaves. The liberated slaves themselves were thereby also liberated from their Christian masters – and thus exposed to the enslaving power of primitive neo-paganism and sophisticated British liberalism.

This final difficulty made many Afrikaners explode. They had their language suppressed, their Calvinistic Laws challenged, their churches invaded, and their children anglicised in the schools. They decided to abandon the Western Cape and to trek northward into the centre of South Africa. As they trekked on and on, they settled in the beautiful and fertile south-east coastal region. There they established the Republic of Natalia, a Calvinist White Republic. They negotiated for that land, and got it by treaty with the approval of the powerful Black Zulu nation.

The Trek into the Interior

Now the Zulu nation had been the scourge of all of the other Black tribes. It has been butchering and annihilating one Black tribe after another and driving them further and further south. Finally, the Zulus themselves arrived in what is now the northern portion of south eastern South Africa. So Piet Retief, the Afrikaner leader – together with some seventy other men – went to the Zulu king’s headquarters and sat down at his invitation to sign a Peace Treaty. But when a signal was given, the Zulu king had all the Whites murdered, even while signing the Peace Treaty. Also murdered by the Zulus were all the non-Whites who were associated with the Whites in colonising this new area.

The Zulu king then sent forth his ferociously and excellently trained troops northward and annihilated three hundred defenceless White women. Only one escaped – with spears sticking out of her body, riding away from that place which thenceforth became known as Weenen (the Place of Weeping). After the massacre of these three hundred women, it became painfully obvious to the covenant people in South Africa that they would have no peace with the pagan Black Zulu nation which had butchered all the other Black tribes before it. Realising the imminence of slaughter, the godly Reformed Elder Sarel Cilliers, in the company of 536 armed adult males (which is all that the Trekkers had at their disposal), climbed onto a wagon and made the following covenant with Almighty God.

The Day of the Covenant

He stood up and asked the people to remove their hats. Then he said: “Here we stand today before the holy God of heaven and earth. We promise Him that if He will give us the victory in the slaughter tomorrow, we will dedicate that day – the 16 th of December – to be a holy Sabbath for us and our children unto all future generations. And if He spares us, we will build a temple of worship to His honour on this spot. And we will christianise and evangelise these Black enemies of ours who are bent on annihilating us. For the honour of His Name will be served and praised in this way!”

The next day, the Zulu armies attacked. They came hurtling and screaming down across the river – fifteen thousand of them, against a mere 536 White Afrikaner Calvinists. Early in the morning, there had been a heavy dew. This was very unusual for an arid country like South Africa. The gunpowder was so damp that it would not work. But in their extremity the White Afrikaners called out to God for mercy. Soon the sun broke through and the gunpowder dried out. Not one single Afrikaner was killed. Three were lightly wounded, but thousands of the Zulu troops were killed. They fell into the river until it turned red with their blood. To this day that river is called Blood River (“Umzinyati” in Zulu), and that clash is called the Battle of Blood River.

There is only one special day in South Africa today, apart from Sunday, which is regarded as a Sabbath. That special day is the 16 th of December – the Day of the Covenant – commemorating not the slaughter of helpless Blacks but God’s preservation of the civilising Calvinists who just so happened to be White.

From Darkness to Light

Not only did these people indeed build a temple to honour Almighty God, as they had promised. They did more. They collected contributions from White Calvinists and erected at the headquarters of the Zulu king, who had murdered their White leaders, a Theological Seminary for Black people financed by White money. It is built in the form of an ox-head, the symbol of the Zulu army – but with a huge cement cross rising up in its midst to symbolise the triumph of the cross over the powers of darkness.

If that be racism, then I too must confess to being a racist, without any feeling of shame. But I feel this is the very opposite of racism! For it is the triumph of Christianity and civilisation over the powers of darkness. Indeed, I look forward to a yet happier day in the future, when white Calvinists and Black Calvinists in South Africa and elsewhere can stand as brothers shoulder to shoulder against the new forces of darkness – the White atheistic scum of the earth now associated with anti-Christian Black and anti-Christian Yellow non-Christians.

Let the line then be drawn where it needs to be drawn – in every generation, wherever belief confronts unbelief. And if, incidentally, in a certain day and age the line of belief should happen to coincide with the line of race – well then, we’ll have to accept that position (at least as the point of departure). But let it be understood that the line of belief goes through the heart of every man, regardless of his skin colour – as the Word of God continues in its onward course, throughout the world, to christianise and to civilise it!

And what shall we say further? From 1840 through 1850, the British annexed the Republic of Natalia. This drove the White South Africans out – into the very centre of South Africa – to the Orange River Colony. There, at the Sand River Convention, the British finally signed a Peace Treaty with the White South Africans – allowing them to set up their independent Afrikaner Calvinist Republic (the Orange Free State). Then, in 1857, the British recognised a second Afrikaner Calvinist Republic – this one to the north of the Vaal River and south of the Limpopo and known as the South African Republic (alias the Transvaal). - These two Republics had rigid Calvinist constitutions. Even the British constitutional expert, Lord Bryce, in his great book on the constitutions of the British Empire of Nations, admits that the Orange Free State Republic has a model constitution for good government.


* Dr Lee was Chairman of the Department of Systematic Theology & Church History at the Queensland Presbyterian

Theological Hall, Brisbane, Australia. He died at the end of 2011.

To be continued…

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