A Tribute to Mrs Dorothea Scarborough


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Dorothea Olivet was born on Valentine's Day 14 February 1936. She was the eldest of 5 children: her younger sisters: Madeleine and Wilhelma, her brothers Wolf Heinrich and Theo. Her brother Wolf Heinrich died tragically at age 8. Her father was a Supreme Court judge. Her brother Theo was president of the Supreme Court. An uncle was Prime Minister of Hanover.
Dorothea Olivet grew up in a Europe at war. Even though very young at the time, she remembered the trauma of the Allied Bombing Raids, starting on 28th March 1942, raining death and destruction upon Lübeck, her home in northern Germany. The bombers came in 3 waves causing most of the destruction on Palm Sunday 29 March. The Wellington and Sterling bombers dropped over 400 tons of bombs including 25,000 incendiary devices. A number of 1.8 tonne blockbusters dropped in the first wave opened the brick and copper roofs of the buildings and the following incendiaries set them afire. This was the first firestorm bombing of any city. 

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A Tribute to Prof. Dr Peter Beyerhaus

1 February 1929 to 18 January 2020

Südafrika wird wahrscheinlich nie ganz verstehen, wieviel es Professor Beyerhaus verdankt. Denn dieser hat es durch gefahrvolle Zeiten begleitet. Unser Land hat eine Revolution erfahren, die es von einem christlichen zu einem säkular orientierten Land gemacht hat, und diese Wende war hauptsächlich vom Weltkirchenrat vorangetrieben.

1974 kam Professor Beyerhaus auf Einladung der Christian League of Southern Africa nach Südafrika und sprach in einer Reihe von Vorträgen über die missiologischen und ökumenischen Strömungen in der Kirche. Er sprach über sein Buch “Reich Gottes oder Weltgemeinschaft?” – Freiheit und Gemeinschaft in Christus - und über die “Berliner Ökumene Erklärung”. Erwarnte vor der utopischen Vision des Weltkirchenrats und zeigte uns, in welcher Hinsicht die Programme der Weltkirche und ihrer südafrikanischen Satelliten unbiblisch waren. Diese Programme waren mit der Zeit immer radikaler und marxistischer geworden.

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A Tribute to Rev. Charles Scarborough, D.D.

Rev. Charles Scarborough, D.D.

Missionary and Minister

27.1.1927 - 16.3.2002

Fondly remembered by Dorothea Scarborough, Thomas and Mirjam Scarborough And Matthew, John and Ann Moore And Penelope, Angela, and Jeremy, Christian and Louise Lehfeldt.

Charles Scarborough was born on 27.1 .1 927 in Welton, East Yorkshire, as the only child of Barbara and Edward Scarborough, a devout farmer. As a child he was a choir boy and pumped the organ at St Helen's Anglican Church, Welton. As a youth he did escape stunts, jumping from a great height chained and padlocked into the swimming baths . He was also a skilled conjurer and became president of the Magic Circle of Hull.

At the age of 27, whilst working as an aircraft engineer at Blackburn's, Brough, he was converted in the Congregational Church where, as leader of the youth club, he later met his wife Dorothea. They were married in the Lutheran Cathedral of lübeck, Gernany, in 1958. After graduating from Paton Theological College and Nottingham University he was called to the ministry at Cemetery Road Congregational Church, Sheffield. Seven years later he escapeaccepted a call to the Gilbert Islands, Micronesia. He served with the London Missionary Society for 4 years and oversaw the independence of the Gilbert Islands Protestant Church.

ln 1969 Charles Scarborough, his wife Dorothea and their children Thomas and Ann came to South Africa to serve the lord through the Sea Point Congregational Church. These were 25 blessed and fruitful years. His special gift was the weddingdaypastoral ministry. H e also continued his interest in missions. For many years he served as Chairman of the Evangelical fellowship of Congregational Churches and as President of the Gospel Defence League. In 1994 he retired due to ill health.

With joy and thankfulness he saw his son Thomas called to take his place at Sea Point.

About a year later he accepted a retirement ministry at the Holy Trinity Church of England, Gardens, Cape Town, where he served for three years. He then joined the Maranatha Free Congregational Church in Paarl, continuing classto preach occasionally, notably at Mait1and Congregational Church. He died of a heart attack at the age of 75, having run the race that was set before him, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of his faith. His gratitude to God was summed up in the words: "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now am found; was blind, but now I see."

familyCharles Scarborough was a strong-minded family man with a great sense of humour. He was a gregarious personality who had a host of good friends from all walks of life. He was creatively gifted and, among other things, taught himself to facet semi-precious stones, invent conjuring tricks, and do delicate woodwork. But above all he loved His Redeemer and believed that "whatever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord."

As a family we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the outpouring of love, and the generous spirit that was shown by all of our dear friends during Charles' illness and in the past week. May God bless you all


Charles' continuing interest in magic

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