Gospel Defence League and UCANEWS Report 2015

The Gospel Defence League was started in 1974 following a visit to Pretoria by Dr. Peter Beyerhaus, Professor of Missiology and Ecumenical Science (Tübingen) who, at a conference of the Christian League of Southern Africa, warned against the unbiblical theological practices of the World Council of Churches. In Germany the newly founded Theologischer Konvent Bekennender Gemeinschaften had summarized these in the Berlin Declaration on Ecumenismand detailed them in the book Reich Gottes oder Weltgemeinschaft(Kingdom of God or World Community).


We decided to "proclaim and defend the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to oppose any attempts to secularise the Gospel," first as the Christian League and then (1980) as the Gospel Defence League.


United Christian Action was launched in 1984. It was to be a counter movement against the WCC-affiliated South African Council of Churches which falsely claimed to represent all the Churches of South Africa. The SACC sought the overthrow of the "apartheid" government to replace it with a Marxist regime. The aims of the United Christian Action were to "seek for a renewal of Christian Faith and values," while at the same time "combatting anti-Christian ideologies and activities."


Rev Charles Scarborough† was Chairman of the Gospel Defence League, and Dorothea Scarborough authored the Gospel Defence League newsletter, also the German publication "Vox Africana". Dr. Mark Kreitzer authored the series "What does the Bible say…" exposing the Marxist abuse of such concepts as "Justice" "Reconciliation", "Peace", "Democracy" etc., which were widely used by liberation theologians. Rev Owen Fourie authored the series "Law and Liberation" which strongly affirmed the Ten Commandments, which were being undermined by the ecumenical movement.


Rev Edward Cain† was Chairman of the United Christian Action. He authored the paper "Signposts", while Gunnar Wiebalck authored the UCANEWS.


Both the Gospel Defence League and United Christian Action held regular meetings and conferences, defending Biblical Christianity and countering liberation theology. For this they came under fire by the revolutionary clergy, so much so that the SACC initiated an abortive court case. However, at the birth of the New South Africa. G. Wiebalck returned to Europe, whilst D. Scarborough focused on researching and publishing the GDL and UCA newsletters. We thank God that we are able to still give guidance to Christians in the present confusion of ideas.


It is with thanks and praise to God that now in my 80th year, after 40 years of service, I can hand over this cause to Rev Dr. Peter Hammond, Director of Frontline Fellowship and the Christian Action Network. He has long helped, encouraged and inspired us, and we feel at one with him in the Lord.


Overseas interest in matters South Africa is still great. Our UCA readers complain that they receive almost no news of the RSA in the secular media. We are thankful to have good relations with the editors of publications overseas who often quote from, or reproduce in full, our articles. We also contributed to "Zeugnis und Widerstand", a book on the role of the Christian in the cultural and church struggles of our time.


The Gospel Defence League continues to be a member of the International Christian Network (Internationale Konferenz Bekennender Gemeinschaften), and D. Scarborough is part of its executive committee.


One of our blessings has been the true friendships which have arisen with people who took an interest in helping South Africa, and who supported church building, youth work and ministry.


In Memoriam

We remember with respect and thanksgiving our leading and outstanding GDL and UCA members and friends, such as Rev. Claude Mitchell, Miss Edith Baker, Rev. Charles Scarborough, Rev Edward Cain, Mr Hans Pfeffer, Bishop Isaac Mokoena, Miss Aida Parker, Mrs Hella Pfannkuch, Prince Ernst von Isenburg and many others. We also remember Dr. Chris Jordaan of CERCOS who so valiantly fought the same good fight of Faith in the Dutch Reformed Church.


We thank the Lord for all who have helped, inspired and funded the Gospel Defence League and United Christian Action both inside and outside South Africa, especially also the self-renouncing American missionaries Mark Kreitzer, Sharon Golden and Nancy Hooper, and all the countless friends without whose help the work would have been impossible.


With heartfelt thanks to God and in praise of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are glad that we were able to defend the Faith at a time of great peril in South Africa. We thank Him for having blessed our work, maintained much of Biblical Christianity, and averted some of the design of godless men both nationally and internationally. We now commit this task into the hands of Dr. Peter Hammond, praying that the Lord will bless him abundantly.


To Him be all the glory.


D. Scarborough


    6 February 2016

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