“…Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord?
Therefore the wrath of the Lord is upon you.”2 Chronicles 19:2

What is Terrorism?
Webster’s Dictionary of the English language (1828), definesTerrorismas:“The use of violence and threats to intimidate, or coerce, for political purposes.” 

BokoHaramWhat Motivates Terrorists?
Over the last 35 years, as a Missionary who has concentrated on serving persecuted Christians and evangelising in conflict areas, I have been exposed to Marxist and Muslim terrorist groups and engaged them in discussion, debate and argument, including in mosques, terrorist bases, on their radio programmes and in their homes. From my observations, terrorists are motivated by fanatical hatred, intense rage, deep-seated anger, as well as a pragmatic prospect of attaining political power through terrorist tactics. Also they are motivated by greed, perceived opportunities for revenge and looting, a lust for power and frequently ignorance. Philosophical Justification
Of course, many will quote from the writings of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, or from Mao Tso Tung, or even Voltaire, Rossouw and Robespierre, for some kind of philosophical support for their violent tactics and revolutionary aims. Muslims will quote from the Quran and from the Hadith of Muhammad as the authoritative foundation and inspiration for theirJihad. Those few Irish Republican advocates of terror that I have interacted with have evidenced a mixture of Catholicism and Communism in their deranged thinking to justify bombing both military and civilian targets and crippling catholicapostatesfor“collaboration with the enemy”byknee-capping.

How Can We Defeat Terrorism?
Obviously, we must understand our enemy. Irish Republicanism and Catholicism inspired most terrorist attacks in Great Britain from Guy Fawkes’s failed 5 November 1605 Gunpowder Plot through the Irish Republican Brotherhood’s bombings of the 1860’s and the IRA’s S-Plan (Sabotage campaign) of the 1930’s and 1940’s, to the spate of parcel bombs, car bombs, pub bombings, targeting of soldiers and civilians and economic targets, such as Harrods Department Store, The Brighton Hotel, Hyde Park and the Stock Exchange bombings. Although most assume that the IRA was primarily motivated by Republicanism and Catholicism, there were also strong Marxist, Revolutionary and Anarchist elements to the IRA terrorism campaign.

Know Your Enemy
Since the Iranian Embassy siege of 1980 and the Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie disaster of 21 December 1988, Islamic terrorism has come to Britain. Since 7 July 2005 the IRA monopoly on bombs in the UK was taken over by MuslimJihadists. Therefore one needs to understand the Quranic teachings onJihadand Islamic history of terrorism.

Ensure That Terrorism is Counter Productive
To defeat terrorism one needs to ensure that it never pays. Every time you compromise with, negotiate with, give into the demands of, or pander to the agenda of, the terrorists, you greatly encourage them, weaken your own position and expose your country and people to many more and far worse attacks in the future.

Starve the Terrorist of their Support Base
General Pinochet understood that terrorism is armed propaganda, therefore he deprived the terrorists of publicity. Without media coverage, terrorism in Chile died like a fire deprived of oxygen. In the Malayan Emergency the British and Commonwealth forces enlisted the help of the local population by offering generous rewards for information leading to the capture of the gangsters/terrorists disturbing the peace. Those handling in terrorist weapons also received very generous cash pay outs. Protected villages were established to remove the support insurgents had demanded from locals. In this way security forces separated“the water from the fish”and the insurgency died out.

Stop Supporting Those Who Support Terrorism
One needs to stop supporting the states, ideologies and religions that inspire, fuel, mobilise and support terrorism today. Historically that has included Revolutionary France, Serbia, the Soviet Union, Red China, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Stop Removing Those Who Are Resisting Terrorism
Next, one must stop destabilising and overthrowing those states that are resisting terrorism. Historically this has included joining forces with Stalin’s Soviet Union in waging warfare against the two greatest opponents to communism and terrorism in history: Germany and Japan, betraying nationalist China into the hands of Mao Tse Tungs’ Peoples Liberation Army, betraying Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia and Albania into the hands of Marxist Revolutionary terrorists, the betrayal of the Shah’s Iran into the hands of the Ayatollah Khomeini’s Radical Islamic revolutionaries, the betrayal of Batista’s Cuba into the hands of Castro’s Communists, Nicaragua into the hands of the Sandinistas, Rhodesia into the hands of Mugabe’s Marxist ZANU thugs, the betrayal of South Africa into the hands of Mandela’s ANC terrorists and the targeting of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Gaddafi’s Libya, Mubarak’s Egypt and Assad’s Syria. In each case the result was a far worse regime and greatly increased suffering, mass deaths and escalating terrorist threats and attacks.


Recognise that Recent Western Attempts to Combat Terror has Been Counter Productive
Historically, with the destabilising, collapse, or overthrow, of each of these states which were resisting communism and/or radical Islamic terrorism, the cause of international communism, or IslamicJihad, has accelerated and the numbers of terrorist attacks on the West have exponentially increased.

The Saudi Arabian Connection
Former MI6 agent Alastair Crooke observed that Saudi Arabia was founded with terrorism and has been the primary supporter of radical Islamic terrorism to this day. The founder of Wahhabism, Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab argued that all Muslims must pledge allegiance to a single Muslim leader, king, or Caliph. Those who would not conform to this should be killed. The Wahhabians consider Shiite and Sufi Muslims as apostates worthy of death. Abd al-Wahhab found protection under Chief Ibn Saud, after whom Saudi Arabia is named. From the very beginning, Ibn Saud and Abd al-Wahhab used terrorism to instil fear and force submission upon all those that they conquered. In 1801 they massacred thousands, including men, women and children in Karbala in Iraq. They destroyed shrines, including of Imam Hussein, the murdered grandson of their prophet Muhammad. British official Francis Warden recorded that over 5,000 inhabitants were massacred in Karbala by the Wahhabians. They seized Mecca with similar violence and destroyed centuries of Islamic architecture near the Grand Mosque.

The ISIS Connection
ISIS is a modern incarnation of the Wahhabianism that has dominated Saudi Arabia for over two centuries. During the Second World War, President Franklin D. Rooseveldt invited king Abd Al-Aziz aboard the USS Quincy, docked in the Suez Canal, where they cemented a secret Oil-for-Security pact. The Saudi’s guaranteed America access to Saudi oil, in exchange for the US pledge to provide military assistance and training to Saudi Arabia. Islamic scholars have noted that“the ideology of the Saudi regime is that of ISIS.” “Wahhabi Islam is fully in sync with ISIS.”” The House of Saud has exploited this very same pernicious form of militant Islam under United States watch.”

Supporting Saudi Arabia Effectively Supports Terrorism
Some American Generals, such as Wesley Clark, have observed:“It can’t be exploiting extremism and at the same time ask the United States to protect it.”Even the United States’ State Department acknowledged in December 2009 that Saudi Arabia was“the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.”Yet, because Saudi Arabia is a key purchaser of American weapons, invests in US government bonds and acts as a proxy for covert US actions in the region, the US government has chosen to turn a blind eye to Saudi Arabia sponsoring much of the mayhem in the Muslim Middle East.

War Against Shia
Sir Richard Dearlove, head of British Secret Intelligence Service MI6, from 1999 to 2004, reported on a conversation with Prince Bander Bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador in Washington and, until recently, head of Saudi Intelligence, of a conversation just prior to 9/11:“The time is not far off in the Middle East, when it will be literally ‘God help the Shia’. More than a billion Sunnis have certainly had enough of them.”Sir Dearlove said it was“a chilling comment that I remember very well indeed.”

Saudi Money and Manpower SustainsJihadToday
The previous head of MI6 has reported that he does not doubt that substantial and sustained funding from donors in Saudi Arabia and Qatar has played a central role in the surge of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Fifteen of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi Arabians, as was Bin Laden and most of the private donors who funded the operation.

Arab Spring and International Jihad
The Arab Spring chaos of 2011 was sponsored by donors in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. Turkey has also played a major role in supporting both ISIS and Al-Nusra by keeping the 800km long Turkish/Syrian border open for the so-calledrebels. Most of the radical madrassas and mosques where domestic terrorists of both the United States and the United Kingdom, are groomed and recruited, were built and funded by the Saudi Arabian kingdom. The refugee crisis stimulated by the wars in the Middle East are threatening to destabilise Europe.

Beheadings and Crucifixions are a Mark of Saudi Wahhabianism
The practise of ISIS, of conducting public beheadings, is consistent with the practise of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where, of the 345 reported executions between 2007 and 2010, all were carried out by public beheading. Saudi Arabia maintains the death penalty for being a victim of rape, for blasphemy, false prophecy, apostasy and a wide range of other offences. Crucifixion of the beheaded body is also sometimes ordered. Under Shari’a law the woman is held 90% responsible for rape as“women have the power of enticement.”Therefore the victim of rape is beheaded, stoned, or hung in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran.

Where Liberation Proves Worse than Oppression
All of the countries where the United States government engaged in“regime change”– such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya - have descended into brutal chaos. One of the great perversities of America’s so-calledWar on Terroris that fundamentalist IslamicJihadistshave flourished as a direct consequence of it. Thereligion of peace.comwebsite has documented over 31,000 deadly terror attacks carried out by Islamic terrorists since 11 September 2001.

Truth and Real History Exposes Propaganda
To defeat terrorism, one needs to counter their propaganda and guilt manipulation campaigns with truth and real history. You can only fight an ideology with a better ideology. Lies must be exposed by facts. Truth does not fear investigation.

Resist Terrorists
Terrorists are violent criminals, cowardly bullies who tend to flee when they meet determined resistance, such as at the St. James Massacre, 25 July 1993, where one armed missionary stopped the attack and forced the terrorist to flee.

Armed Citizens Frustrate Terror Tactics
Armed citizens save lives. Terrorists prefer unarmed victims. Ensuring that the general citizenry have the right and freedom to obtain firearms and training will do more to end sporadic acts of terrorism than anything else. Where a high percentage of a country is armed, trained and ready to resist, terrorism must fail. If you want peace, prepare for war. Switzerland is a good example of an armed citizenry providing an effective deterrent to attack. The Dooms of King Alfred, Magna Carta 1215 and the English Bill of Rights of 1689 all guarantee the rights of all free men in the British Isles to keep and bear weapons for self-defence. It is time that these historic rights be restored.

“…Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives and your houses.”Nehemiah 4:14

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