Farms and Freedom Under Fire in South Africa - Edition 1 of 2018

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Farm Confiscations
The National Assembly of the South African Parliament sent shock waves around the country by setting in motion a process to change the Constitution so as to allow expropriation of land without compensation. The threat to private ownership of property and the clearly stated intention to remove Constitutional safeguards and protections for private ownership of property has staggered observers. Most land in South Africa is controlled by the ANC government and over 4,000 farms already acquired from white farmers, remain unallocated.

Theft by Majority Vote
The motion was adopted with a vote of 241 in support and only 83 against. The African National Congress (ANC) and Economic Freedom Front (EFF) voted for the motion and the Democratic Alliance (DA), Freedom Front (FF), Congress of the People Party (COPE) and the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) voted against.

Cheap Politics to Win Votes
One time ANC leader, Mosiuoa Lekota, now leader of COPE, condemned the EFF’s tactics as “imbecilic, racist attacks” and the vote “misleading our people for cheap popularity just to win votes.”

A False Narrative
“The notion of a “stolen land” is a false narrative. We call on the ANC to pronounce themselves unambiguously as to whether they have now changed historical policy and abandoned the Freedom Charter in favour of the racist rhetoric of both the EFF and the PAC.”

Cutting their Throats
EFF leader, Julius Malema, declared that he wanted to hit white men hard, “We are cutting the throat of whiteness.”

Madness and Insanity
DA leader, Mmusi Maimane, condemned the EFF for its destructive racial policies: “It is madness. It is insane.”

Economic Suicide
Considering the catastrophic consequences of communist land reform in neighbouring Zimbabwe, it seems inexplicable that the ANC government of South Africa would want to follow in the footsteps of failure by committing Economic Suicide.

Completely in Violation of Law
London Barrister, Malcolm Horne, commented on the planned land grab in South Africa, “You cannot have land expropriation without compensation. It is illegal under international law. It is contrary to a dozen treaties that South Africa has signed and ratified. As such, it is a principal that is also enshrined in South African domestic law. You cannot change the Constitution, therefore, to make it legal. Treaty Law is superior law. It always applies.”

“To the Law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them.” Isaiah 8:20

Footsteps of Failure
When Patrice Lumumba violated the constitution and laws of the Congo with nationalisations, the result was carnage, civil war and total economic collapse. Nationalisation of industries and farms in Zambia and Tanzania brought economic collapse to those countries as well. However, vast amounts of Western foreign aid kept the countries somewhat afloat, although the vast majority of the aid was stolen by corruption from the governments themselves.

Guaranteeing Starvation
When Mozambique was granted independence by Portugal in 1975, Samora Machel of Frelimo confiscated all private property and completely destroyed what was once a vibrant economy. Before independence, Mozambique exported food. After Frelimo’s revolution, more than a million Mozambiquans died of starvation and the country was torn apart by a vicious civil war.

Ignoring Warnings
At independence in Zimbabwe, 1980, Mozambique’s, Samora Machel, and Tanzania’s, Julius Nyerere, actually warned Robert Mugabe not to make the same mistakes they had done. They urged him to respect property rights and let the Europeans continue to contribute to the economy. When Mugabe began threatening the white farmers, most media comment was, that there should be no concern because Mugabe was “an intelligent person” and knew that dispossessing the farmers would be a catastrophe for the country.

Destroying the Economy
Nevertheless, Mugabe’s ZANU-PF government did seize over 5,000 commercial farms and evicted the white farmers, who in many cases, were third or fourth generation citizens, who had literally carved the farms out of the wilderness.

Applauding Self-Destruction
Even as Zimbabwe’s economy collapsed and more than half of the total population fled the country – voting with their feet a vote of no confidence in Marxist Mugabe, most African leaders applauded and cheered Mugabe! Previous South African ANC president, Thabo Mbeki, unquestioningly backed Mugabe’s disastrous policies in Zimbabwe and helped keep the country from complete bankruptcy through regular aid and electricity from South Africa.

259Desperate for Hope
The fall of Jacob Zuma and rise to power of Cyril Ramaphosa, in South Africa, was accompanied by a wave of euphoria and many Christians declaring: “We are saved!”; “A new day is dawning!”; “Now we can begin to rebuild our country!”; “Our prayers have been answered!”

Ominous Announcement
Yet, in his opening State of the Nation address to Parliament, Cyril Ramophosa announced: “We will seize land without compensation!” This was greeted with the loudest and most sustained applause of his address. Considering that South Africa provides sanctuary to more than 10 million refugees who have fled endemic misrule to the North, imploding food security in South Africa will affect far more than our own population.

Disastrous Decline of Agriculture
In 1994, when Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa, we had 70,000 white commercial farmers who were feeding over 100 million people throughout Africa. Today, we have barely 28,000 farmers left who are able to feed 40 million people. However, South Africa’s population is already in excess of 50 million. Even as the population of the country has doubled since 1994, our food production is less than 40% of what it was in 1994.

Economic Disaster
The food crisis in Africa is about to get much worse. So is the refugee crisis. The ANC government has been a complete failure on every level. In 1994, the Rand was close to R2 to the Dollar. Today it is around R12 to the Dollar. Unemployment in 1994 was under 3 million. Today unemployment in South Africa is close to 30 million. For every year the ANC has been in power, they have added another million unemployed people to the ranks of the unemployed. Power failures, water restrictions, rampant crime, rape and murder have become every day realities for the long-suffering people of South Africa.

Smokescreens to Distract from Corruption and Failure
To distract citizens from the disastrous failure and catastrophic corruption of the ANC government, lies, distortions, disinformation, fabrications, misleading statistics and campaigns of guilt manipulation have been manufactured to create a smoke screen to cover the rampant corruption and incompetence of the ANC. To enable the looting of the country, whites have been demonised and made scapegoats for every problem in the country. Even after more than 23 years of ANC rule, nothing is accepted as their fault. Instead, irresponsible politicians have engaged in the most reckless rabble-rousing and hate-mongering which threaten to subvert the very fabric of society.

Racist Policies
At his presidential inauguration in 1994, Nelson Mandela declared: “Never, never, never again will any South African be discriminated against on the basis of their race.” This was immediately followed by Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment and racial quotas, which only succeeded in chasing away investors, employers, entrepreneurs and tourists, which has caused increasing unemployment.

Hell-Bent on Destruction
Instead of redressing their failed policies, the ANC has continued to throw good money after bad, hell-bent on promoting immoral, unwise and counter-productive policies on every level. Now, heedless to the warning of the catastrophic dekulakisation land reform policy of Josef Stalin in the Ukraine and Soviet Union in the 1930s, the holocaust in Rwanda of 1994 and catastrophic land reform policies of Zimbabwe, the ANC now want to remove Constitutional protections on private ownership of property. They want to be able to expropriate farms without even compensation for the farmers who have poured generations of sacrifice and hard work into cultivating the wilderness and turning them into productive farms.

How to Chase Away Investors
If they go ahead with this ill-advised policy, it will not only undermine the food security of South Africa, but greatly increase unemployment and chase away investors, employers, entrepreneurs and tourists. The economic consequences and social catastrophe that would result from such a racist and lawless policy would be incalculable. It would represent the final breaking of faith with the reconciliation settlement made in 1994. Violating solemn international agreements and destroying the very Bill of Rights which was meant to be the foundation for prosperity and progress in this country will have catastrophic repercussions. One cannot violate private ownership of property without destroying the essential foundation for all effective economies.

Blind Hatred will be Disastrous
It would appear that insane hatred will destroy this great country and the last chance for Africa to show a viable and successful working economy to the world. The disgrace that this would be to Africa as a whole and the disillusionment it would create amongst those who have poured their hearts and souls into building Africa up, would be catastrophic. South Africa would join the long list of failed African states. Yet another warning to outsiders to not even try to invest in a continent that cannot respect private ownership of property, nor honour solemn agreements, bills or rights and international treaties.

Raising Questions
So, is emotion to replace reason?
Are slogans to overwhelm debate?
Is expropriation to supercede economics?
Are toi toi zombie dances to replace work?
Is race hatred to replace good neighbourliness?
If settlers who came centuries ago and cultivated the wilderness are to be called colonists and invaders, are black migrants to Europe, America, Australia and South Africa, also to be called invaders and colonialists?

Overplay the Victim Card
Vilifying the victims and villains playing the victim card may work for a time, but ultimately it will come back to destroy the one playing this dangerous game.

TLU-SA-geet-vandag-300x193National Suicide
The malicious destruction of so many historic places, monuments, graves, churches, homes and even entire forests, is the path of national suicide. Destruction for the sake of it, envy, greed, hatred and jealousy do not build the kind of society any of us would want to live in. “Hate evil, love good; establish justice in the gate…. let justice run down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.” Amos 5:15,24

Questions which Must be Asked
This ill-advised policy of expropriating land without compensation is based upon a broad propaganda narrative of righting the wrongs of long ago and taking back that which was stolen. In a word, restitution. But who stole the land? Where was it stolen? From whom was it stolen? When was it stolen? How was it stolen?

Facts Ruin a Good Story
The fact is that the Dutch settlers and Voortrekkers purchased their land and settled and developed the wilderness at great personal sacrifice. Truth does not fear investigation. Facts can ruin a good story. Marxist Revolutionaries and agitators use propaganda to whip up hatred for their political ends.

The Real Theft
However, if we were to consider the real theft taking place in our time, we would recognise that no one has stolen more from us than our own government has. The greatest theft is from inflation, taxation and corruption. The African Union calculates that over 25% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Africa is stolen every year by governments in Africa. That is more than 10 times (1000%) of all the foreign aid received by Africa every year. “While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption…” 2 Peter 2:19

Eradicate Corruption
If we could cut corruption down by just 10%, it would equal all the foreign aid poured into Africa each year. Imagine if we could eradicate 50% of the corruption! Imagine eradicating over 90% of the corruption!

Taxation, Corruption and Inflation Steals from Everyone
Inflation has devalued the South African Rand to one five hundredth what it was back in 1980. The theft of so much of our hard work and ingenuity by exorbitant taxation and rampant corruption by the ANC government is vastly greater than all other causes of poverty combined. Over R1 Trillion is lost to corruption in South Africa - every year. “Shall I count pure those with the wicked scales and with the bag of deceitful weights? For her rich men are full of violence, her inhabitants have spoken lies and their tongue is deceitful in their mouth.” Micah 6:11-12

Reject the Distractions
How long are we going to accept the smoke-screens, scape-goats, distractions and disinformation of the criminals who are ruining this country? The middle letters of Cancer are ANC.

Subverting the Economy
Power cuts by Eskom, between 2008 and 2015, cost the South African economy over R300 Billion. The additional diesel costs of Eskom to run their power stations due to their “human error” at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station in 2015, was estimated to be over R250 million per week! Stage 3 load shedding was estimated to cost the South African economy R80 Billion per month!

Chasing Away Tourists
The severe water restrictions in Cape Town have led to a drastic decrease in the number of international tourists visiting the city. Last year tourism accounted for 9% of South Africa’s economy (USD$35 Billion). 87% of small business in Cape Town have reported losing half their revenue due to water restrictions. Water Resource Partners (WRP) estimated that 30% of South Africa’s water in urban areas is wasted through leakages. Soweto residents have reported that major water delivery pipes have been leaking for years, without the municipality repairing them!

Dysfunctional Schools
With the catastrophic failure of government in education, there has been a dramatic increase in private and independent schools which do not receive any tax rebates, despite taking an enormous amount of pressure and expense off state budgets. Hence, parents supporting private schools and home schooling still have to pay through their taxes for state education without receiving any kind of tax rebate for not making use of the state facilities.

War Against Whites
The war on whites in South Africa is also seen in economics through Black Economic Empowerment/Affirmative Action job reservation, racial quotas. All of which are designed to keep whites and particularly white males out of government and commercial employment. But the violent, vicious and brutally sadistic tortures and murders of farmers and their family members defies description. Farm attacks in South Africa are 700% higher than in any other country in the world.

Propaganda Kills
Here follows a compilation of quotes and policies from ANC leaders: “All white people are criminals and should be treated as such. We need to take their property, deny them job opportunities and treat them as second class citizens. We need to sing songs about how they should be mowed down and murdered. White people are in the minority and that means they must have fewer rights than the rest of us. Absolutely, that is how democracy works and if they dare to protest against these views, we must tell them to keep their mouths shut because they are racists who are simply getting what they deserve.” “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil… who justify the wicked for a bribe and take away justice from the righteous man!” Isaiah 5:20-23

The Most Dangerous Job
Farmers are being murdered at a rate that is over 4 times more than even the police. White South African farmers are experiencing the highest rates of violent crime anywhere in the world. AfriForum has noted that the term “farm murders” is misleading and the term “farm terror” and “farm tortures” are more suitable. Farmers in South Africa are being murdered at a rate of 220 per 100,000 per year. The average murder ratio per 100,000 of the population worldwide is 9. Any form of justice is incredibly rare. The criminal justice system is failing spectacularly to effectively prosecute most of the perpetrators of these attacks.

Sadistic Savagery
Farming family victims are often tied up, cut with machetes and pitchforks, burned with boiling water or hot irons, dragged behind vehicles, raped and mutilated in incomprehensible savagery. The South African Agricultural Union recorded 10,151 farm attacks and 1,541 murders between 1994 and 2008. The Transvaal Agricultural Union recorded 2,070 attacks and 1,266 murders between 1991 and 2009. The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry calculated that every farm murder, or attack cost the South African economy over R2 million annually. (This figure was based on the annual contribution of the Agricultural sector to the country’s Gross Domestic Product.)

“Bury Them Alive!”
When Freedom Front member of parliament, Peter Groenewald, reported on the horrific tortures being inflicted on white farmers in South Africa today, an ANC member of parliament jeered and shouted “Bury them alive!” “Destruction is in its midst; oppression and deceit do not depart from its streets.” Psalm 55:11

255Hate Speech
AfriForum has documented multiple cases of incitement to genocide and other menacing threats against whites on social media, including: ANC councillor, Bhekinkosi Mvelase: “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer!” Velaphi Khumalo of the Gauteng Arts and Culture Department: “I want to cleanse this country of all white people. White people in South Africa deserve to be hacked and killed. You must be bushed alive and skinned and your offspring be used as garden fertilizer.” Luvuyo Maxmenziwa: “I hate white people… just get me a bazooka or AK47 so I can do the right thing and kill these demon possessed humans.”

“Do not remove the ancient landmark which your fathers have set.” Proverbs 22:28

So What Can We Do?
We need to do something. This is first and foremost an information war. We need to be informed. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” Hosea 4:6.

Set the Record Straight
Obtain and read Sketches from South African History, Biblical Principles for Africa, Renaissance or Reformation and obtain the Agenda 2 and Bitter Harvest DVDs. Good audio MP3 resources, include: South African History Boxset and War Against God MP3. Visit the Henry Morton Stanley School of Christian Journalism website and Facebook page and Africa Christian Action website and Facebook page and Young Reformers Out to Change the World Facebook page.

“Do not be afraid of sudden terror, nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes; for the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught.” Proverbs 3:25-26

Information, Intercession, Involvement and Investment
We need to be interceding. We need to be involved in practical action.

We need to invest in workable solutions and we need to implement workable strategies for security and survival. “A prudent man foresees evil…” Proverbs 27:12

Be Prepared
Pray. Publish. Prepare. Protest. We need to stand up, speak out and step out. We need to be armed and alert. Stock up supplies. Have back up plans. Secure your home and farm, church and mission. Prepare for lawlessness, power failures, water mains being cut, know your neighbours, help one another, as there is strength is unity. “Watch, stand fast in the Faith, be brave, be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13

Practical Steps We Can Take
We need to speak up on community radio phone-in programmes, write letters and articles for your local community newspapers, contribute to, or set up websites, blogs and social media that will deal with these issues. Organise public meetings and film screenings, such as Agenda 2 and Bitter Harvest. Obtain the Security and Survival Handbook and implement its practical solutions.

Rescue, Redeem, Restore, Reform
We need to rescue, redeem, restore, reform and revive. Help build community support structures. Support civic defence, neighbourhood watch organisations. Get networked. Work for decentralisation. Support Independence for the Cape movement. Contact Die Suidlanders. Find groups in your area that you can network with for both information and mutual support.

“…Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives and your houses.” Nehemiah 4:14

Dr. Peter Hammond


The Crisis that Confronts Us
The cost of unstable, inefficient, expensive and unreliable energy in South Africa is a staggering R89 billion per month in lost production, revenue and wastage. Central government in South Africa is corrupt, complicated, frustrating and unnecessarily time-wasting. Racist Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action policies, with racial quotas not only in business, but also in sports, has led millions to leave this country, including over one million skilled workers. Every skilled labourer on average provides employment for 10 unskilled labourers.

Chasing Away Employers and Investors
With over one million skilled labourers having left South Africa over the last 24 years, the cumulative loss of employment to the country is staggering. Every year that the ANC has been in power, has added approximately one million more unemployed. Today, over 20 million people in South Africa are on some form of social services welfare grant. That is approximately ten times the income tax-payer base for the country. South Africa is being looted, with a R1.3 trillion budget being used primarily as a feeding trough for the political elite to enrich themselves at the expense of the general population.

What Are People’s Concerns?
It is clear that most citizens are deeply concerned about the rampant crime and horrific violence which has escalated throughout the country. Over half a million South Africans have been murdered since 1994. South Africa suffers from the highest rape rate in the world. Almost everybody is deeply concerned for the safety of their family and particularly their children.

thHEJT6YLBIndoctrination is Replacing Education
The deteriorating quality of education, which in many cases seems indistinguishable from political indoctrination, has led to a major growth industry of thousands of independent schools and home schooling. All of this is a massive vote of no confidence in the ministry of education.

Taxation, Corruption and Inflation
Of course, most people are deeply concerned for the economy, the lack of jobs, unemployment, inflation and the deteriorating buying power of the Rand. Economist Steven Goodson, who was once a Director of the South African Reserve Bank, has stated that the buying power of the Rand has deteriorated to one-five-hundredth of its buying power in 1982. In other words, R1 in 1982 could buy more than R500 can today. The massive erosion of pensions, savings and earnings, particularly over the last two decades, has been catastrophic. Taxations, corruption and inflation are collectively looting the country.

Deforestation Causes Drought
Deforestation, the destruction of so much of the environment, including laying waste to entire forests by massive arson, wide-spread litter and destructive pollution are all a major threat to the environment and all the wildlife on our land, on our shores and in the oceans around us. Deforestation of the Cape has obviously led to the drought affecting us. As that also massively impacts on our country as an attractive tourist destination. The impact on jobs, the economy and the viability of our country is immense.

Threats to Freedom of Speech, Religion and Conscience
There are serious concerns for the erosion of free-speech, freedom of conscience and religious freedom. The CRL Commissions’ proposals to require all religions’ practitioners to register and be regulated by the state, is going ahead, despite wide-spread opposition and the legal evaluation that this legislation is: unnecessary, unworkable and unconstitutional. The Hate-Speech Bill being promoted by the Ministry of Justice poses a massive threat to freedom of Speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of association, freedom of the press and other foundational freedoms, which should all be non-negotiable in any free country.

What is Wrong with Our Country?
Corrupt, greedy, incompetent politicians. Unworkable and unaccountable centralisation. Black Economic Empowerment. Affirmative Action. Racist job reservations. Racial quotas in sports. Guilt manipulation. The politics of guilt and pity. Socialism. Welfare junkies. Inflation. Chasing away job creators, investors and tourists. Complacency towards crime. Tolerance of corruption. No municipal rights. Looting of the country by professional politicians, parasites and thieves. Crime, violence, murder and genocidal hatred being tolerated and promoted by politicians.

Is There Hope For Our Country?
Plainly what is desperately and urgently needed are leaders with clear, bold vision, fresh ideas and workable plans of action which can resonate with voters. It should go without saying that these leaders should be people of integrity and courage.

Crisis and Opportunity
Every crisis includes both danger and opportunity. At this moment the ANC is divided, disgraced and in disarray. The new leadership of the DA opposition is doing more than shooting itself in the foot by backstabbing its Founder, Helen Zille, Premier of the Cape. Along with the massive unemployment, outrageous levels of crime and violence, rampant inflation, riots and general failure of government on all levels, this has created widespread dissatisfaction, dismay and disillusionment. The water mismanagement crisis only compounds this.

Encouraging Trends
The rise of nationalism worldwide as evidenced in the stunning BREXIT vote of Great Britain, the Trump Revolution in the United States, the doubling of the votes of Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France, the dramatic growth of the Freedom Parties in Austria and the Netherlands, the steady growth of parties resisting the European Union and other globalist movements all indicate a dramatic increase of support for those rejecting politics-as-usual and globalisation. In the Western Cape the growth of interest in secession is also a remarkable development.

Is Secession of the Cape of Good Hope Viable?
Many countries in the world are products of secession:

Switzerland seceded from Austria in 1291.

The United States of America seceded from Great Britain in 1776.

Belgium seceded from the Netherlands in 1830.

Texas seceded from Mexico in 1836.

Nicaragua seceded from Guatemala in 1838.

Norway seceded from Sweden in 1905.

Finland seceded from Russia in 1917.

The Republic of Ireland seceded from Great Britain in 1922.

Pakistan seceded from India in 1947.

Singapore seceded from Malaysia in 1965.

Bangladesh seceded from Pakistan in 1970.

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia seceded from Russia in 1991.

Croatia and Slovenia seceded from Yugoslavia in 1991.

Eritrea seceded from Ethiopia in 1991.

Slovakia seceded from Czechoslovakia in 1993.

East Timor seceded from Indonesia in 2002.

South Sudan seceded from Sudan in 2011.

What Policies Could Enable Cape Independence to Succeed?
The basic building block of any successful society is the municipality. It is absolutely essential that municipal control is handed back to ratepayers and home-owners. Decentralisation is vital. The unicities are expensive, catastrophic failures. Cape independence can succeed by following the decentralised confederation model of Switzerland and the free enterprise models of Singapore and Hong Kong. A successful independent Cape of Good Hope would be an example of excellence for other regions of South Africa, such as the Kingdom of Zululand, to also become independent.

In order to attract investors, the Cape would need to slash taxes, or preferably abolish them all together. By Cape Town becoming a tax haven, it would attract many investors, employers and tourists, so that literally hundreds-of-thousands of jobs would be created - ultimately millions. Free enterprise provides incentive by rewarding initiative, ingenuity and hard work.

It would be essential to restore respect for life and property. The quickest way to do this would be to decentralise the police force down to the local level. One could consider the American model of voting for your local sheriff, or police chief. Local police forces, who are answerable to the municipalities and controlled by home owners and rate payers, will quickly restore law and order on the local, municipal level.

Tourists are attracted to beauty and nature in safe, clean and neat environments. It would be essential to restore our beaches, parks, forests and mountains by eradicating crime, violence, litter, pollution and eye-sores.

Remove the Political Gravy Train Trough
Mosquitos breed in stagnant water. In order to get rid of the flies, close the trash can and move it out of the kitchen. By removing the political trough for parasites and political opportunists, public life can be cleaned up. No career politicians should be tolerated. No pensions for elected officials. No high salaries for elected officials. Mayors, town counsellors, premiers and members of parliament should receive no more salary than that for teachers, policemen, nurses or firemen. No corruption can be tolerated.

Honest Money is Essential
Corruption and inflation steal the most. Socialism, affirmative action, usury and corruption destroy economies. Honest money is crucial. Our entire banking system needs to be reformed by abolishing usury.

Return Control of Municipalities to the Rate-Payers
By ensuring that only rate-payers and home-owners vote in municipal elections, one will quickly withdraw the incentive for many welfare junkies and economic parasites to flock in to the area. Those on social grants/welfare have forfeited their right to vote. In the interests of removing conflicts of interest, those who need to be on any form of social welfare should not be voting on how to use the money of others.

What Potential Voting Blocks Can Be Mobilised?

Rate-payers – By handing back municipal control to them.

Home-owners – By granting them primary control of municipalities.

Parents – By handing back control of the schools to the local community and parents.

Conservationists and Environmentalists – By reforesting the Cape, abolishing plastic bags, waging war on litter and pollution, cleaning up beaches, oceans and parks and criminalising littering and pollution.

Animal activists – By protecting our wildlife, criminalising cruelty and eradicating poaching.

Pro-lifers – By defunding abortion and stream-lining adoption. (It is outrageous that while an abortion can cost R800, adoption procedures can exceed R80,000!) Referendum on the right to life is needed.

Investors – By abolishing VAT and replacing it with Total Economic Activity Levy. It has been proven that 1% Total Economic Activity Levy on all bank transactions will bring in more income than all of our VAT and Income tax combined. The key element here is that it must be across the board. VAT, GST and Income tax can be abolished and replaced by a simple economic deduction of 1% or less from each bank transaction, even of Anglo American, De Beers, Old Mutual and other economic giants.

Businessmen – By being made welcome, by abolishing bureaucratic, time-wasting and expensive red tape and unnecessary interference.

Cyclists – By securing pathways, bridges and underpasses for cyclists.

Runners – By securing park, forest and long-distance runs that are safe and clean.

Hikers - By securing safe and clean, reforested mountains.

Religious Communities – By respecting freedom of religion and refusing intrusive interference and harassment by government.

Families – By their right to protect their children being restored and their control over the education that their children receive being established.

Foundations for Freedom
By respecting the right to self-defence, freedom of religion, sanctity of life, sanctity of property, freedom of speech and freedom of communications, we can make the Cape a beacon of hope, just as Switzerland has been through the centuries. By being a tax haven with minimal taxes and no usury tolerated in the banks, Cape Town can exceed the economic success of Hong Kong and Singapore.

Who Are our Potential Allies and How Can We Reach Them?
The Coloureds, Malays and all Afrikaans speakers in the Western Cape should be attracted by the possibility of regaining control over their own communities and respect for their language. Environmentalists and conservationists such as SANCOB and animal welfare societies should be attracted by high priority for conservation and animal welfare.

Neighbourhood Watches and Rate-payers Associations should be attracted by policies of decentralisation and placing policing back into the hands of municipalities and communities.

Private and independent schools should be attracted by the abolition of intrusive, expensive and complicated registration, evaluation and accreditation procedures by the failed “Department of Education”. Home educators should be attracted by the respect for their protection and independence from all state interference. Businesses and investors will be attracted by the abolition of taxes and the restoration of honest money and a tax haven.

Potential Media Outlets
Community radio stations may be open to these fresh, bold and innovative ideas that offer hope for our communities. Community newspapers should be approached.

We need to maximise the web, emails, Twitter accounts, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and other social media outlets. Effective video documentaries and clips promoting aspects of these solutions need to be edited and produced. Public meetings and marches can also be considered.

Restoring Respect for Life and Property
Our prisons are over-crowded and the criminal justice system has plainly failed. Foreign criminals need to be expelled and banned from returning. The prison system needs to be phased out and replaced with restorative justice for minor crimes. Restitution to the victims of the crime should be normative. Execution for murder and rape should be considered and the subject for a Referendum.

Respecting the right of self-defence and placing no unreasonable obstacles in the way of law-abiding citizens to obtain firearms for self-defence would have a massive deterrent effect on violent crime. Free the Cape! CAPEXIT!

For further reading see: Biblical Principles for Africa, Reformation 500 FIRE Manual and The Ten Commandments – God’s Perfect Law of Liberty, available from: Christian Liberty Books, PO Box 358, Howard Place 7450, Cape Town, South Africa, Tel: 021-689-7478, Fax: 086-551-7490,                                Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Website:

Dr Peter Hammond
Gospel Defence League
P O Box 36129 Glosderry 7702
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