The South African Council of Churches' vision is a unitary, "democratic" South Africa. Democracy, they say, is Christian. Now it is true that the reigning, ideology in the world today, in both the East and West power blocks, is democracy. In the East, this secular religion is called People's Democracy or Revolutionary Humanism. In the West, its name is Secular Humanism or Liberalism. However, contrary to what we are being told, democracy is definitely not Christian. It is not the original form of government of, for example, the USA or the other so-called "Western Democracies." As the Freedom Charter states, democracy means "the people [demos]"..."govern [kratos]." In Latin, democracy was defined as vox populi vox dei: "the voice of the people is as the voice of God." In other words, man's collective will is law. It is the standard against which all things are measured as right and wrong. When the collective will expressed in a majority vote changes, then the standards of right and wrong change. In the West, ancient Christian legal norms were changed when the "democratic consensus" decided that murdering unborn children (abortion) was legal. The Scripture states that the source of Law and morals in a society is that society's God, Lawgiver and Judge (1). Democrats make "humankind" the final judge and creator of all law. They replace God with "humankind!" Democracy, thus, is nothing else than paganism. Only a return to Scripture-based, Christian Republicanism is the answer to the SACC's humanist ‘democracy’.

In Practice, Democracy Always Equals Socialism
To many, democracy is good. To them, it means that people can choose their leaders. However, democracy actually means that a majority always has rights over the property, life, liberty, children, even the church of a minority. Democracy always equals socialism. Socialism is state ownership of all things through the "majority, democratic consent." The state "owns" all things through taxation and controls on the use of private wealth and property. To tax private wealth and property is to control its use. To control is to own. The Bible limits the function of state to justice alone so that the state will have very little taxing and controlling authority. Why? If I have a paper which says that I own something, but someone else stronger than I tells me what I must do with my property, then that "stronger man" is the real owner of the property. My paper means nothing. I am, in effect, the "slave" of the real owner (2). When the state through a majority vote can confiscate or control my life and property, then the state in the name of "the people" owns everything!

The same holds true with respect to my children and church. According to Biblical principles, both the Church and family are areas of life with which the democratic state must not interfere. The Church, state, and family are responsible directly to God, and are directly accountable to obey God's Word in their areas of responsibility. The state, which alone has the right of the "sword" (Rom. 13:4), can only intervene in the Church or family when they openly break God's Law (3). This is especially clear from Romans 13 which states that all authorities, including Church (Heb. 13:17) and family (Eph. 6:1f), are established by and are accountable to God.

Therefore, my children are no longer my own to be raised and educated as God has commanded me to do (Eph. 6:4) (4) when 1) the "democratic" state tells me I can't educate my children at home or at a non-state-regulated Christian school, and then 2) forces me to send my child to a state school at which they are indoctrinated with a democratic-humanist ideology. My Church is no longer free under God if it is taxed, registered or controlled by the democratic state. Democracy makes family and Church a mere department of the socialist state.

This usurping of the rights of parents and of the Church is the inevitable result of the fact that democracy-socialism means that the state, not God, owns and controls all things. The consistent, democratic state, therefore, must centralize all power and authority into its hands. Because the Scriptures do not allow for a mixture of authority between the Church, family and state, it strictly limits the total authority of the state. It, along with the family, and the Church, must "Kiss [i.e. obey the Law of] the Son" (Ps. 2). The democratic state, however, plays God and pretends that it is Sovereign King not Jesus (Ps. 2:6-12). The democratic state, therefore, as a kind of "divine Caesar," replaces God! The early Church fought against Caesarism with the cry: "Jesus [not Caesar] is Lord of all" (Matt. 28:18; Rom. 10:10) (5). Rome desperately struggled against this confession and lost (Rev. 12:11).

Democracy and Human Rights
Some have tried to protect democracy against this inevitable tyranny by granting each individual "human rights" in a written constitution. However, these so-called "human rights" arc quite perilous indeed. This is simply because the democratic state, through a majority vote or through those who say they speak for the majority, can make whatever law it wishes, and is the final granter or with- holder of rights. The Christian founders of Western political freedom warned against democracy because it gives no real check upon, tyranny. Democracy teaches that "the will of the people" is Absolute Law even if that means trampling on the paper Constitution, confiscating private property, murdering of pre-born children and old people, or totally controlling the Church and family. All of these things have happened and will happen again in democratic countries. Paper constitutions are worthless if the people of a land don't respect God, or His unchanging Law (6).

Democracy is Individualistic, Destroying God-Created Groups
Democracy is of its very nature individualistic in its orientation. Because it opposes any and all distinctions and discriminations in "humankind," it seeks to break down every group to its basic component: the individual "person." Every person must have the same absolutely equal "rights" as every other person. There are no special roles or responsibilities, nor any special protections for any God-created groups of people. Contrary to the Scriptures, no legal distinctions are allowed 1) between the male group and female group; (7) 2), between religious creeds. A Christian and a Satanist are equal (8) 3) between distinctive ethno-cultural groups. The Afrikaner, Swede, Tamil, or Zulu are not allowed any unique right of self-determination. 4) In addition, there is no necessary legal distinction between parents as a group and children as a group (10). Each person is only an individual part of an undivided humanity in an undivided fatherland/earth. Therefore, in defining any discrimination whatsoever as "a sin against Humanity," democracy breaks down every God-ordained group. This democratic-humanist rebellion against the God-created group is clearly seen in the Gay Rights, Feminist, Children's Rights, and Internationalist Movements. The SACC seems to be supporting them all!

The result of this democratic ideology is that the "free" individual, not the family (11), is deemed to be the very basic institution of society. The democratic state, we constantly are being told, must represent the collective will of every individual, within any territory. The state is not the collective authority of a group of families of a similar faith, language, culture and history (i.e. a ‘volk’ or extended family group) (12). Therefore, for the SACC, citizenship must be granted to every' individual living within a given geographic area irrespective of his/her language, educational level, financial status, culture, faith or assimilation into the dominant culture. Every individual has the "human right" to vote in an election for representatives in a unitary Parliament (one-person-one-vote). In sum, then, according to democratic minded, ecumenical theologians, Biblical Christianity is divisive and causes separation. This is a true accusation. Christians must not apologize for it.

Logically there is no basis for any unity in this collection of "free" individual "persons" except in the unitary, democratic world-state. Therefore, democracy is of its very essence internationalist in character. Humanity must therefore be forced to unite. Democracy's end result is not loving communion between groups, but complete uniformity within one world-group (13). Therefore, in trying to build only on the individual, democracy actually destroys individual uniqueness. Each individual loses "its" individual value and personal significance. That comes from God through identification with a group that He created (e.g. family, male or female, language, etc.). Democracy, therefore, teaches that a human being becomes a "non": a "nonsexual;" "non-racial," "non-ethnic," "non-creedal" and now a "non-hetero-sexual."

Democracy is the Opposite Of Christian Republicanism
According to Christianity, the human race is not a collection of "nons." It is not an amalgamation of mere individuals, an aggregation of "persons," part of a group- less "humanity." Instead, the Bible forthrightly names the human race "Mankind"

(Gen. 5:1f) and makes no apologies that this is supposedly "sexist." Mankind consists of several God-created groups: two gender groups, many ethnic groups, family groups, and so on. No one can escape these group identities. Each one of these God-designed groups have group responsibilities, group blessings and group curses. God treats them as a whole. The clearest example is a nation. In both Testaments, God curses and blesses a people for their joint obedience or rebellion (14).

Individualistic democracy, thus, is hostile to and the opposite of the family based Christian Republicanism which underlies our Western Protestant heritage. This doctrine has as its motto: Lex dei lex populi (the Law of God is the Law of the People), not vox populi vox dei (the voice of the people is as the voice of God). Christian Republicanism teaches: 1) God is Lawmaker and King not the "people" nor a dictator nor any other pretender to God's throne; (15) 2) God's unchanging Law —moral and civil —is the legal framework for justice and freedom, not a law developed by man;(16) 3) the family not the individual is the basic institution of society. The modern growth of democratic ideology has dis-enfranchised the family. 4) The State, then, is a civil government of representatives elected by the families (i.e. one-household-one-vote exercised by the covenant family head in consultation with the household) (17). 5) The Biblical pattern is that the State's strictly limited authority should be delegated to it from those intermarried families living in a certain area. These families must be of a similar language, faith and culture otherwise the country will either fall apart or be held together by a dictator as in the multi-national USSR. God created the languages and peoples of the earth to separate Mankind and de-centralize power. His purpose was to prevent Man from "doing whatever he wants" (i.e. total evil because his heart is evil — Gen. 6-11). 6) The civil government, as the servant of its citizens, has the right to protect its families' unique language, faith, and culture. However, God's Law mandates (that the intermarried citizens must love the ethnic alien as themselves (18) (19).

Though Christian Republicanism is based on group and family, it still protects basic individual rights derived from the Law of God. These rights are granted by our unchanging God, not by a changing majority vote. Thus these rights are inalienable and eternal. Christianity does not deny "democratic processes”. A Christian people is to be governed through elected representatives, but only within the framework of God's Law. God's Law, and mankind's Gospel obedience to it, is the check against the tyranny which will inevitably come under a democratic regime.

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Mark Kreitzer, August 1988.

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